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On September 17th 1980 serial killer Keith Pembridge: aka The Watcher, committed the first of his atrocious crimes brutally murdering Susan and Jack Prescott. This would be the first of four murders over the period of 5 months in what Pembridge would describe as ‘Vigilante Cleansing’. Pembridge’s would record the moments before the murders took place however he would never film the actual act of murder itself. Pembridge continuously proclaimed his innocence: stating that the murders ‘were all justified’, and that he was ‘sent to do what everyone else had failed to do. To punish those appropriately for the crimes they committed.’ It was discovered although not published by the media at the time, that two of Pembridge’s victims had previously committed crimes themselves. Mr and Mrs Bragdon; The Watchers 3rd victims upon investigation were found to have held pictures and videos of child pornography within their family home. It was also discovered that Keith Pembridge was a former client of Mr Prescott, a bank manager. Pembridge claimed that he held Mr Prescott personally responsible for his businesses demise, which led to him losing his business, family home and subsequently his wife.


Keith Pembridge was caught by Police on January 29th 1981 and was sentenced to life in prison on March 15th 1981. Whilst in prison he went on to murder two other inmates both of them convicted rapists. Pembridge was certified insane and moved to Pennyville psychiatric hospital, where he spent the rest of his days until the hospital burnt down in 1987, killing all those inside. 



Copycat killers of The Watcher. Matthew & Richard McKinley believed they were carrying on the work of The Watcher, from the 9th November 1984 to 5th January 1985 the brothers went on a killing spree in which they murdered three woman and two men. Similarly to The Watcher the brothers would film their victims, but after investigation none of the victims were found to have any previous crimes or convictions to their name. Differently to Pembridge: the brothers would record their victims entire ordeal and sexually assaulted all 3 women before murdering them. They were sentence to life imprisonment on 1st March 1985. Both brothers were declared criminally insane and sent immediately to Pennyville psychiatric hospital to serve their sentences. 

At first it was thought that it was the brothers that started the fire that burnt down Pennyvile psychiatric hospital as their bodies were not found in their rooms nor accounted for anywhere else in the hospital. After a week long manhunt remains of the bodies of the brothers were discovered in the mortuary at Pennyville. Their heads were detached from theirs bodies, leading officials to believe Keith Pembridge (The Watcher) had murdered the brothers in retaliation to their ruthless killing spree.